Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sugar Detox

Starting tomorrow I am beginning another healthy arrangement to my weight loss plan. I am going to see how far I can go without eating any processed sugar products. No candies, chocolates, cookies or anything that has loads of unnatural sugar inside. A few friends have tried this and have been very successful. I hope I get to be as successful as them. I think my plan here is to start the detox tomorrow along with eating healthy and exercising again. I'm gonna try to slim up before fall. Hopefully that goal will come to a success! All I can do right now is try. I bet I'll have even more temptation troubles now. What shall I do? Any idears? Ah well. I'll see what I can do. Stay with me and my weight loss challenge. Come on! Join me and the wanna-be-thinners. IF we have each other we can support and inspire each other. What are you waiting for?! Succeed together, fail together and conquer together!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Trying

I'm trying. I'm trying to keep you all posted but I'm on holidays. Since I do not own a laptop it's hard to update you on the road. Very busy but this being very busy isn't all that productive with the weight loss challenge/progress. I'm hoping to start jogging again tomorrow and start to eat healthy again. Don't know how long that will go for but I'm trying. Do any of you readers/wanna-be-thinners know how to avoid temptation with snacking and eating so much? Whether it's healthy eating or not? I've tried many theories but I have not succeeded with any of them. To be inspired you should all go check out Susie McEntire Luchsinger on facebook and see her pictures and workouts. She lost 40 pounds and is looking great! She works hard and looks great but I have no idea how she keeps with it all the time. Golly. Anyways gotta go do some more packing! Hittin' the road tomorrow for 13 hours. Wha-hoo. Anyways stay strong all! Keep working hard! Succeed together, fail together and conquer together!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deidre, Her Blogging and Her New Site.

So have you seen it?! Dee's new and improved official page? You gotta go see it if you haven't already! There are so many wonderful products available for purchase! You should go to her new and exciting site and go check out the new gadgets. She's got great information on her new book coming out on July 20. "Deidre Hall's Kitchen Close-Up" should be exciting and I'm sure all of us will find it very helpful. Dee also has a beauty section that is filled with all natural products that are easy and great on your body. Things like sunscreens, eye lash enhancers, primer and more. If you're interested go check it out! There is also a tab on there that I use. It's for the support on your deit and exercise. The Chubettes, that's what Deidre called her weight loss contestants, are incredibly supportive and push determination your way. You'd be amazed. I owe part iof my weight loss to them even though I'm not finished. Deidre is now blogging like us! There is a tab to take you to her blog. She's just starting but I bet it'll be great. She's also going on tour to Australia to do a health, beauty and empowerment event that has been in the making for 32 years. I can't go cause I already have plans but if I were you and I had some extra change and wanted to have some fun in Australia I would go. I really wanted to go but as I said before, I'm pretty busy. So yeah, go check her new site! Maybe every now and then you should check out her blog. Deidre's a funtastic lady and I bet you'd like what she's doing. What a role model! Good luck on all your programs and progress! You'll be fine! Succeed together, fail together and conquer together! Oh jeez! I almost forgot to give you the website link! Whoops! Hah! Here you go:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can I Have Some Fettucini and A Bikini?

I was looking in the mirror the other day. It looks as if these crunches have been doing some good! I'm going away for holidays next week and where I'm going has a pool. Is it time? Is it time that I finally try a bikini? I've told myself well, let's go shopping and try on a few first before we make this wobbly decision. So where to go, where to go... Anyways, I looked at the scale yesterday. Can you imagine that I'm only a half a pound heavier even after all the junk food, snacks and sugary sweets that were consumed during those stressful weeks I was telling you about?! I can't believe it! Maybe my metabolism is beginning to behave. I guess all this work has been doing some good, huh? Any who, I'm still kinda nervous to go into that change room and try on a bikini. I love to eat but I'd love to fit into a bikini. I have a problem, don't I? Wouldn't it be nice if I could have lots fettucini but still be able to wear a bikini? That's pretty corny isn't it? Well, you know what I mean... Do you have any bikini or bathing suit stories you are willing to share? I'd love some reassurance. So if you could just get on reassuring me, that would be great. Thanks! Hah! Succeed together, fail together and conquer together.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

To Those Who Are Still Here...

For those few people who are still checking up on this blog I apologize for not updating. Yeah it's been a while but boy has it been busy and stressful. It was hard to find the time to update you on what has been going on with the weight loss plan. I wasn't to impressed with my diet and exercising so I thought what was the use in telling you about it when I did get some spare time. So since I have some spare time I can tell you it hasn't been easy keeping with this plan ever since Deidre Hall's Weight Loss Challenge ended. Though there has been some reassurance on her Weight Loss Challenge Forums. The Chubettes are just dandy and still super supportive. I'm glad that Deidre and the crew didn't get rid of the forums because I bet some of us just would've fell apart. But we didn't and the forum is still here so cheers! Hah! I appreciate those who still visit this blog every now and then but I am disappointed to tell you my diet and exercise hasn't been so consistent. I am back in the loop now but I felt so bad when I wasn't. Due to the stress and things that happened this past month made some stress eating happen. I am a bad stress eater! I hate it. But I realized that when the stress was over how much easier it was to focus on my plan. I am almost stress free now and am proud to say I am back on the plan and bursting with determination and energy. I really hope you all come visit this blog every now and then to see the progress that I make. Even you could share a few stories, comments or complaints on how you have been progressing through your plan. You know I'd love to read them. I hope I made this clear enough! I didn't make this blog only for me but you too! So come along with me on my journey of weight loss. Don't be afraid to fail because only you and the support of this blog with reassure all of us. Succeed together, fail together and conquer together!